I suppose I’m not great at this blogging thing. But life has been truly busy these last couple of months. 

On 27th January, I saw New Found Glory supporting A Day To Remember – which for me is pretty much the perfect gig. They were supported my Moose Blood and Neck Deep, but of course I was far too cool to be there that early (there were train issues). 

New Found Glory started their 20 years of Pop Punk promotion which I got my hands on a tshirt for. First band tee I’ve bought in years! They played all the classics that I smugly bounced around to knowing all the words. Then some of the newer stuff which I used the time to top up on beer and pee. How NFG are supporting smaller bands always surprises me, but I won’t recap on the horror of them supporting Paramore at Brixton Academy all those years ago. 

They really haven’t lost it after these 20 years. I often think on my way to shows for old blasts, that it might be odd watching a bunch of guys in their thirties bounce around a stage singing about awkward relationships and not fitting in, now that they have wives and adoring fans. But it’s not odd. It’s great. 

A Day To Remember completed the show. There is nothing like a loud, “heavy pop punk” band screaming into a crowd of sweating fans – with inflatable animals bouncing above their heads.  It’s an atmosphere only dreams are made of. 

Once more they played all the ones you want to hear. Plus the new album in which I complained about the appalling way they say “naivety” the whole way through. Other than those? The show was great. 

I was definitely sceptical about this as although they are one of my favourite bands, their Download 2015 performance was less than mediocre. I think some bands aren’t able to fill a space like that and Donington is some space! 

Let’s see how they do this year as second to headliner… 


I never posted about Biffy Clyro. 

Life has been more than hectic. 

On 8th December I tottered along to see Biffy Clyro at the O2 arena. Now, I’ve been a fan for years but never listened religiously, big mistake. 

This band are techinically, lyrically and aesthetically incredible. 

Dressed as what I can only call Jesus attire, Simon Neil filled the arena. His broad Scottish accent brings character to each song. 

I wasn’t sure how I felt when I heard that they were headlining Download Festival 2017, (still praying for Guns and Roses) but after this performance, they are sure to sway the metal heads. 

Keeping this one short and sweet as my memory is stressed. 

Champagne. Cocaine. Gasoline. 

After 2 weeks of sun, rum and reggae music in Jamaica, I returned and headed straight back into a metal night at my local bar. Not much changes. 

On Sunday 20th November, I went to see Panic at the Disco at Alexandra Palace. Even with the jet lag taking its toll and the haunting of starting back at work the next day, the show was incredible. 

Brendon Urie has a voice like no other in the industry at the moment. The show had theatrics, a drum-off and ofcourse the entirety of Bohemian Rhapsody sang by both band and audience. Although the lineup is 75% different from the first time I saw them, so many years ago, Brendon had no trouble in putting on a performance without his former band mates. 

Death of a Bacholer is one of my favourite songs from the album and performed live. It shows how technically vocally talented Brendon is. Although the song sounds as if it is about heart break and drama, the words explain the emotionally happy experience of getting married. Not sure it’s a song for your first dance, but it’s beautifully written and performed. 

The rest of the show had a mix of the bands music history from over the 10 years (or there abouts), with all the crowd pleasers being played. The show ended in a 3 song encore – as predicted by myself and sister – with ‘I write sins not tragedies’, ‘This is gospel’ and ‘Vicorious’. 

I would recommend anyone to go and see Panic at the Disco if you get the chance. Fingers crossed they’ll be on next years festival circuit! 

Steel Panther, Bowling for Soup and Buckcherry 15th October 2016

Sometimes the bigger shows are the ones that flatline in entertainment.

First off, my main reason for going to this is that I have always been a huge Bowling for Soup fan and having missed their tour, did not want to miss this. My other half is also a Steel Panther fan so managed to get some tickets from a relative as a birthday present.

To start with Buckcherry; who is with me in saying that people only really know their song Crazy Bitch? The rest of the set was okay, but the sound seemed off and you couldn’t really enjoy what they were playing. Maybe it was better at the front, but as previously mentioned, I like my space at the back away from sweaty topless men. ‘Crazy Bitch’ was great, but I can’t really comment on the rest of the performance.

Bowling for Soup…well…hasn’t the Jaret put on weight?! Haha, they made joke about the obvious change but was still a little bit of a shock to see the huge change.

They played all the classics! Absolutely insane, even included a sing along of ‘1985’ at the end of the set. They do like a chat for sure, but it was lots of laughs and listening to music that made me feel like a teen again!

The one downside was that all the songs seemed sped up. Not sure why, but they were all definitely played faster than the normal tempo. It also seemed like the crowd at the front weren’t giving them much to feed off of, which is a shame because us at the back were loving it! Perhaps thats the older fans avoiding the touching once again?

Coming to Steel Panther. Although I have never been huge fan, this is the third time seeing them live and I have always been in awe of their lyrical genius and pure entertainment factor. This show however was definitely my least favourite.

Heres why;

  • They spoke..A LOT. I’m all good with their banter between fans and each other, but this dragged on a fair amount to the point where we just wanted them to play some damn music.
  • The crowd, their fans, were a bit..blah. During ’17 girls in a row’ they get girls on stage who usually get semi-naked and try their luck with the band. This time the girls did not have the usual enthusiasm. Not that I care if I don’t see girls getting naked, it just fell a bit short.
  • Last year there were midget versions of the band who came out and start playing a song. Though I don’t expect this at every show, this definitely added to the entertainment factor and in comparison showed how much was lacking this year.

I surprised my other half last year with tickets for Steel Panther, supported by Skindred, last year as he wanted to see them so bad and tickets had sold out. I ended up paying £150 for two tickets (original price around £25 each). If that was for this show, I would have been furious.

On a side note, Lexi looked fabulous as ever and when they did actually play they put on a great performance.

No photos as my phone decided not to let me take them!

Of Mice and Men 7th October 2016

Last night was incredible. 

After hearing Of Mice and Men are incredible live – and somehow missing them for years – I have finally seen what everyone was raving about. 

I admit that my initial interest of the band prior actually pressing play on any song is that Austin Carlile is appealing on the eye, however they well exceed that. 

I’ve had a binge of their albums, my favourite being Restoring Force: Full Circle. Like I said, I’ve not followed them greatly so I don’t know if that’s a fan favourite? But the band more than know how to put an album together with just the right amount of screaming and catchy lyrics for my taste. 

Down to the show: it was exactly what you need in a gig. O2 Kentish Town is a great venue and the perfect one for such a band. With the lower level all in full pit mode, and the upper stairs for the older fans and younger fans not looking to get punched in ribs and wanting to be able to see what’s going on. And of course me, and stair hover-er that likes a nice view, without actually having to touch any of the sweaty moshers. 

This goes back to a theory my lecturer pointed out at uni, where there certain places you stand at a gig dependent on your age. Much like there is a certain place you hold your guitar depending on your genre of music. You see if you can figure out that rule! The only exception I saw to this was an older gentlemen in with the kids in the pit. I was really impressed, until he went down like a sack of shit and security had to carry him out. Well done mate, but please don’t hurt yourself. 

The guitarist/main vocalist (forgive my ignorance for now knowing his name) was incredible. His voice is the Dallas Green of the band, and although we always put the pretty face in the limelight, his voice makes the band and it would not have held my attention without it. That being said, Austins vocals and stage presence is not anything to be sniffed at! 

I can’t go through a set list is great depth, but I will say that if you ever get the chance, see them. Fingers crossed for Download 2017 everyone! 

A side note, that has little relevance: I also learnt that Austin has Marfans disease. Myself and boyfriend have a couple of friends with it and we know it’s limitations on certain aspects of life. So to see someone screaming their lungs out on stage with it is inspiring. 

Growing up musicians seem invincible, and with the recent announcements of various artists having various health issues, I think it’s important that they become great role models for not letting anything hold you down. I thank them for that. I could go on, but I think that’s another post.. 

I don’t want to be anything other that what I’ve been trying to be lately.. 

Recently, more so than ever, it has become apparent that my straight forward thinking, blunt responses and opinionated mouth has seemed to attract all sorts of trouble.

This being so, why not express them even more so on the internet? Perhaps it will get me into less trouble than muttering swear words on London transport?

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a long time to express my thoughts on some of my favourite and least favourite things; music and tattoos!

My story: London bound, Music Management graduate, Festival Group Booking Manager, Music enthusiast, tattoo devotee. I swear some.dont-follow-in-the-footsteps