Of Mice and Men 7th October 2016

Last night was incredible. 

After hearing Of Mice and Men are incredible live – and somehow missing them for years – I have finally seen what everyone was raving about. 

I admit that my initial interest of the band prior actually pressing play on any song is that Austin Carlile is appealing on the eye, however they well exceed that. 

I’ve had a binge of their albums, my favourite being Restoring Force: Full Circle. Like I said, I’ve not followed them greatly so I don’t know if that’s a fan favourite? But the band more than know how to put an album together with just the right amount of screaming and catchy lyrics for my taste. 

Down to the show: it was exactly what you need in a gig. O2 Kentish Town is a great venue and the perfect one for such a band. With the lower level all in full pit mode, and the upper stairs for the older fans and younger fans not looking to get punched in ribs and wanting to be able to see what’s going on. And of course me, and stair hover-er that likes a nice view, without actually having to touch any of the sweaty moshers. 

This goes back to a theory my lecturer pointed out at uni, where there certain places you stand at a gig dependent on your age. Much like there is a certain place you hold your guitar depending on your genre of music. You see if you can figure out that rule! The only exception I saw to this was an older gentlemen in with the kids in the pit. I was really impressed, until he went down like a sack of shit and security had to carry him out. Well done mate, but please don’t hurt yourself. 

The guitarist/main vocalist (forgive my ignorance for now knowing his name) was incredible. His voice is the Dallas Green of the band, and although we always put the pretty face in the limelight, his voice makes the band and it would not have held my attention without it. That being said, Austins vocals and stage presence is not anything to be sniffed at! 

I can’t go through a set list is great depth, but I will say that if you ever get the chance, see them. Fingers crossed for Download 2017 everyone! 

A side note, that has little relevance: I also learnt that Austin has Marfans disease. Myself and boyfriend have a couple of friends with it and we know it’s limitations on certain aspects of life. So to see someone screaming their lungs out on stage with it is inspiring. 

Growing up musicians seem invincible, and with the recent announcements of various artists having various health issues, I think it’s important that they become great role models for not letting anything hold you down. I thank them for that. I could go on, but I think that’s another post.. 


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