Champagne. Cocaine. Gasoline. 

After 2 weeks of sun, rum and reggae music in Jamaica, I returned and headed straight back into a metal night at my local bar. Not much changes. 

On Sunday 20th November, I went to see Panic at the Disco at Alexandra Palace. Even with the jet lag taking its toll and the haunting of starting back at work the next day, the show was incredible. 

Brendon Urie has a voice like no other in the industry at the moment. The show had theatrics, a drum-off and ofcourse the entirety of Bohemian Rhapsody sang by both band and audience. Although the lineup is 75% different from the first time I saw them, so many years ago, Brendon had no trouble in putting on a performance without his former band mates. 

Death of a Bacholer is one of my favourite songs from the album and performed live. It shows how technically vocally talented Brendon is. Although the song sounds as if it is about heart break and drama, the words explain the emotionally happy experience of getting married. Not sure it’s a song for your first dance, but it’s beautifully written and performed. 

The rest of the show had a mix of the bands music history from over the 10 years (or there abouts), with all the crowd pleasers being played. The show ended in a 3 song encore – as predicted by myself and sister – with ‘I write sins not tragedies’, ‘This is gospel’ and ‘Vicorious’. 

I would recommend anyone to go and see Panic at the Disco if you get the chance. Fingers crossed they’ll be on next years festival circuit! 


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