I suppose I’m not great at this blogging thing. But life has been truly busy these last couple of months. 

On 27th January, I saw New Found Glory supporting A Day To Remember – which for me is pretty much the perfect gig. They were supported my Moose Blood and Neck Deep, but of course I was far too cool to be there that early (there were train issues). 

New Found Glory started their 20 years of Pop Punk promotion which I got my hands on a tshirt for. First band tee I’ve bought in years! They played all the classics that I smugly bounced around to knowing all the words. Then some of the newer stuff which I used the time to top up on beer and pee. How NFG are supporting smaller bands always surprises me, but I won’t recap on the horror of them supporting Paramore at Brixton Academy all those years ago. 

They really haven’t lost it after these 20 years. I often think on my way to shows for old blasts, that it might be odd watching a bunch of guys in their thirties bounce around a stage singing about awkward relationships and not fitting in, now that they have wives and adoring fans. But it’s not odd. It’s great. 

A Day To Remember completed the show. There is nothing like a loud, “heavy pop punk” band screaming into a crowd of sweating fans – with inflatable animals bouncing above their heads.  It’s an atmosphere only dreams are made of. 

Once more they played all the ones you want to hear. Plus the new album in which I complained about the appalling way they say “naivety” the whole way through. Other than those? The show was great. 

I was definitely sceptical about this as although they are one of my favourite bands, their Download 2015 performance was less than mediocre. I think some bands aren’t able to fill a space like that and Donington is some space! 

Let’s see how they do this year as second to headliner… 


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